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Why you play is larger than words. In conversations with goalies, there is always a pause and great thought given to the question of why. The position brings an indescribable feeling to our consciousness. Only goalies know this unique feeling. Others claim the feeling must be similar to scoring a goal or to a sick check. It is not!

The defining characteristics of the goalie position are the mental anguish, the pressure and, in some cases, the loneliness. This mental anguish (which if not addressed becomes mental exhaustion) doesn't end when the final whistle blows. We carry the mental game everywhere we go. Some of us become riddled in superstition and endless rituals while others become nervous individuals. Yet, there are those who have mastered the mental aspect unique to our position. They walk with genuine confidence on the practice field and carry the same aura on game day. They firmly believe that come game time they will play to their ability.

This is the level you can achieve and further develop. No matter your current level of play, you will get better. Surf the site, speak with other goalies on the site, ask questions, practice, play wall ball, get the correct coaching, but more than anything else, believe in yourself. You will walk onto the field with confidence, not with intimidation and superstition. Very soon you will be so PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY prepared that nothing can faze you. You won't question yourself, but rather, play to your ability and make SICK saves.


Goalie Nation will help your through your transition into an OUTSTANDING goalie.

There is confidence and then there is genuine confidence.




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