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NC State decides to stay club

The North Carolina lacrosse team began as a club a short time ago. They participated in various tournaments and were a member of the National Collegiate Lacrosse League. NC State recently has moved to the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference. They have made substantial progress, making it to the SELC conference playoffs. NC State is also a member of the USLA (United States Lacrosse Association. Many of the players are happy with their club status because of the commitment level. Players are very serious but it limited in comparison to a Division 1 program. Lacrosse is not their job and they’d like to keep it that way. NC State has a healthy rivalry with Florida who moved into the league around the same time. Despite the competitive nature of the SELC, some alumni are pushing for a varsity Division 1 program.


Powell not participating in Fall Ball

Mike Powell of Syracuse is not participating in fall ball. Mike is not suspended or academically ineligible, but with an important season on the line in the spring higher powers have expressed concern for his guaranteed eligibility. Desko (Syracuse Head Coach) has chosen to keep Powell out of fall ball to help him focus on his studies, maintain his health and focus on the upcoming spring season. In fear of loosing eligibility, Desko has maintained Syracuse values Powell’s contributions during the regular season, when the count the most. If Powell played in fall ball and something happened, he would loose a year of eligibility. Desko says Powell has nothing to prove to the coaching staff, he is an established player who has contributed largely in the past seasons.


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