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We receive some great comments and suggestions from our Feedback & Nominations form. Below is listed some of the recent feedback we have received and our responses to them. Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback!



Date: Aug 10, 2003
Name: Paul C
Role: Lax Goalie
Comments: This is a great website. As a goalie of 9 years I have been waiting for a site like this to come along for a while. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of playing goalie. The mental side of the game is so hard. Right now I'm trying to figure everything out for myself. I'm having a hard time dealing with all the pressure and expectations, but the season is 6 months away so I think I will be ok by then. Anyway, my suggestion for this website is to have a special section just for the mental side of the position. I know there are certain articles that deal with this issue, but I would like to see a page that is dedicated to how to play game mentally. I know other goalies out there are dealing with the same issues that I am, and I think a page like this could help us all.
Thanks Again,
Paul C

Goalie Nation Response: Thanx for your feedback. Keep your eyes out for our feature on the mental side on the game, coming very soon!

Date: Jul 26, 2003
Name: Peter
Role: Lax Goalie
Comments: While this site is very well put together and the idea is great, it is pretty lame. It lacks any actual content or advice for people to become a better goalie.

Goalie Nation Response: With all the content and features that are coming this 2003-2004 season, we believe you will be changing your mind that our site is lame.

Date: Jul 22, 2003
Name: Paul
Role: Lax Goalie
Comments: I think that is a great site , i would like to see more pics if possible. But i really appreciate that someone put together a site just for lacrosse goalies. Keep up the good work.

Goalie Nation Response: We do hope to add more photos as we expand our magazine. Thanks for the feedback!

Date: Jul 14, 2003
Name: Corey V
Role: Lax Goalie
Comments: I really enjoyed the column written about the Goalie Gene, because I truly believe in it.
I play goalie for Boonton High School, in Boonton, NJ where both my uncle and father both played goalie in the early and mid 70's. My uncle was an All-American for Boonton in 1973 when they won the New Jersey State Championship. And my father was the goalie for the 1976 State Championship team in Boonton and was named Second-Team All-State that year. and at the end of this year (my junior year), I was named First-Team All-State by the NJILCA. So thank you for posting that article, because i know that i'm not the only one that things that anymore.

Goalie Nation Response: Cheers to the Goalie Gene!

Date: Jul 11, 2003
Name: Lisa P
Role: Lax Goalie
Comments: I'm very impressed by this site. I have never seen it before and I'm happy for my fellow goalies' achievements. I'll check it regularly so keep it up!!

Goalie Nation Response: Thanx Lisa!

Date: Jul 1, 2003
Name: Lynne S
Role: Parent
Comments: I have a new high school goalie, Allie, being trained by one of your featured goalies, Stacey Schmidt from Longwood. I was just introduced to your site and immediately sent my daughter the links. The site is outstanding, especially for a goalie about to form her perspectives and attitudes and approach to the position. Thanks so much for all your hard work. This site will be my daughter's favorite, and will be invaluable for the years to come! THANKS

Goalie Nation Response: Thank you Lynne! We look forward to continuing to provide more resources and inspiration to both Allie and her fans / supporters, such as you.


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