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We know why you play. Our question is,

If you do, then Goalie Nation will help get you there.


Goalie Nation is a comprehensive on-line magazine, the only on-line magazine dedicated to lacrosse goalies, their parents and coaches. Our purpose is to create a centralized location enabling aspiring goalies to learn the latest techniques, styles, philosophies and mentalities while finding role models and converse with peers.

Built by goalies for goalies with the sole purpose of making you THE next level. We do this by assisting you in all aspects of goalie play. We take the sport and position very seriously. We are looking for the competitive goalie wanting to BECOME the next level.

Goalie Nation covers EVERY facet of goalie play from different pocket rationale to stance dynamics to specific training techniques to the mental game (a subject that many claim to know and grasp, but few correctly understand). Goalie Nation also offers goalies PERSONAL CONTACT with experienced individuals who understand the goalie mentality and who have grasped the game and position.

Goalies are unique. We have the power of winning or losing games. However, the rest of the lacrosse world rarely understands this specialized position. Players from different positions often tell us how to play or what to do, though they have never stepped between the pipes. Sometimes, even our own coaches don't understand the position. This often leads to feelings of frustration and isolation.

Goalie Nation eliminates these feelings. Goalie Nation is a forum and encyclopedia in position understanding for lacrosse goalies everywhere.


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